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Julien Pracht
aka Julles
Lead Guitar

I don't know what I have to write as a presentation of my own person but i'll try it.

Ok, I began to play music quite young, because I always was making noise and and that nerved my parents (my favourite toys were those that made the most noise)... isn't that a way of making music??? (o:

Afterwards, i decided to attend a musicclass for little children. I loved it and decided to continue my "carreer" in this musicschool. I was 6 and too young to play the guitar (don't ask why..... it was so)

So my mother and I decided than I was going to learn to play the piano...
Result: 4 awfull years,0 talent and 0 satisfaction

A few years later I decided to buy an e-guitar and tried to play the songs and solos of my favourite bands.... It worked. As I was introduced to other musician.... ILL? was born Now I love the music, my guitar and playing in a band

P.S About my Englischhhhh: Look at Bob's (drummer) presentation's last sentence....
It also counts for me