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Michel Guillaume
aka Misch
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

First of all, I d`like to thank Mr. Guy Weiler (L.T.A.M) who gave me (unconsciously:-)) a lot of valuable time in his electronic course for writing the lyrics of STUPID MEN! 
But Mr. Weiler, you are not stupid!!!!Thanks.

So then...i started singing at the age of 12 years in a choir in Neudorf/Weimeschhaff. 
After a few years of "hardcore" folk-song trashing, i stopped singing in this society.
In 1998 i sterted playing theater and cabaret in an acting group in Hostert. (that`s really funny :-)) 
Some years later i found some f*****g brilliant people who shared my passion of music and that's where all began!!! --> ILL? Isn`t that a nice story??:-)